Online Payments

The Scarborough School Nutrition program uses the LunchTime system to operate cash registers in our cafeterias, maintain student and staff accounts, develop menus and nutritional data, create compliance and financial reports, and more.  The LunchTime system also offers many options for parents to be involved and informed:

        Parent controls over student accounts

        LunchTime system is integrated with PowerSchool

        All student data is refreshed daily

        All purchase history is viewable by parents

        Purchasing limits can be set by parents through

        Can set spending amount limits

        Can exclude a la carte purchases

        Restrictions appear directly on cash registers at checkout

        Can set up automatic balance notifications

        Communications to parents

        Automated email is sent weekly to any account with balance of minus $5

        Parents can also set up their own notification level in

        New menu software is implemented, parents can get all the nutritional components of available food choices

The LunchTime payment system can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Please take a look at the parent's guide linked below.

If you have questions or need assistance with the LunchTime program, please feel free to contact us:

Peter Esposito, Nutrition Program Director

Office at Wentworth School.  Phone 730-4700, email

Kate Bolton, School Business Manager

Office at Town Hall.  Phone 730-4114, email