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Comprehensive Education Plan

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SPS Mission Statement​

The fundamental purpose of the Scarborough Public Schools is to provide a safe and inclusive learning
environment where each and every ​student is empowered to be a resilient, lifelong learner who is
prepared to engage as a contributing member of society.

SPS Long-Range Vision for Continuous Improvement

Scarborough Public Schools will be a high quality, forward-looking public school district known for its
whole child approach that, together with dynamic academic programs, enriching co-curricular
experiences and a vibrant learning community that challenges students, excites their imagination and
instills excellence in thought and action while preparing them for highly engaged and fulfilling lives.
  • Strategic Theme 1:​ Effective​ Teaching and Learning
  • Strategic Theme 2:​ Safe and Inclusive Schools
  • Strategic Theme 3:​ Global Citizenship
  • Strategic Theme 4:​ Community Engagement

SPS Core Value Statement

We believe that decisions in planning, instruction and continuous improvement of our schools must be
made with students’ individual needs and interests as our primary consideration.

2018-19 District Goals

SPS Branding Guidelines and Language

SPS Inspiration words

  • Engaged
  • Passionate
  • Compassionate
  • Equitable
  • Inclusive
  • Collaborative

SPS “Voice”

Our communications employ a positive, professional tone of voice. We aim to be clear and accessible to
all of our audiences—school employees, students, parents, and the community. Even when discussing
nuanced ideas and evidence-based pedagogy, our voice is largely free of “jargon.” The style is warm and
welcoming, and we frame situations in a positive, growth-oriented perspective. Our voice inspires
confidence in the Scarborough Public Schools, assuring the audience that our students are our highest