Education Foundation

Purpose and Organization

The Scarborough Education Foundation is a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Maine that operates in the Town of Scarborough, Maine. The Foundation was established in December, 2011. The mission of the Scarborough Education Foundation is to promote academic excellence in the Scarborough public schools by providing funding for innovative and creative educational programs that fall outside of traditional school budget considerations.

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The Foundation is a grant making organization working in partnership with the Scarborough School District toward a shared vision of academic excellence. It will fund grants for programs initiated by teachers or administrators associated with the Town of Scarborough that most closely fit the mission of the Foundation. We want to sponsor programs that help fulfill the vision of our best educators, stimulate creative thinking and instruction and provide unique learning opportunities. For example, the Foundation might fund grant requests to hold a writer’s workshop for high school english students, start an Odyssey of the Mind program for students grades K-5 or purchase specialized microscopes, science slides or software that the schools could not afford otherwise. The Foundation is not intended to fund positions, supplies or programs that are typically included in the school budget even if in a particular year, the Town’s budget falls short in one or more of those areas.

The Foundation is operated by a Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers who have a vested interest in the success of the Scarborough Public Schools, principally as parents but also as citizens who believe in the value of a strong public school system. Our Board members believe they share responsibility with the School District for providing the best available public education for all of the children in our Town by inspiring teaching excellence and enthusiastic learning where students emerge as persons of strong character who are well prepared for life in the 21st century. The Board is comprised of five start up committees including governance, fundraising, grants, public relations, and finance. The Board will be assisted in its work by volunteers who will do everything from fundraising to communications to event planning.

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The Foundation will make grants with the money it raises through various fundraising activities. We intend to solicit contributions from individuals and families as well as businesses in the community. Each member of the Board of Directors will make contributions of “seed” money to fund the start up costs associated with organizing the Foundation. The Foundation has launched an initiative to raise $10,000 seeking $100 contributions from 100 families in Scarborough. This fundraising effort will be the source of the initial grants to be made in the spring of 2012. A broader based fundraising effort will be undertaken in the spring of 2012, mostly likely a spelling bee, with the intention that such an effort will be an annual fundraising and community building event.

The Foundation will endeavor to solidify a long-term strategy for financial strength and growth. It will build a reputation as an informed and responsible steward of its resources so that it is viewed by the community as an organization that effectively uses donations of time and money in a manner that directly benefits the school system. The Foundation strives to attract capable volunteers and abundant donations to further our mission and will work to engage local businesses and the community at large to become more involved in education related activities and outcomes.

Grant Making

The Foundation anticipates having two regular grant cycles each year, one in October and the other in February or early March. The Foundation will respond to grant requests made by educators within the Scarborough school district. Written grant applications will be evaluated by the grant committee. Final grant approval for the initial slate of grants will be made by a majority vote of the full Board of Directors. Grant applicants will be asked to provide information describing the initiative for which funding is sought and how it meets the mission of the Foundation, the number of students or percentage of the student population that would benefit from the initiative, the amount of money requested and how the money will be used to implement the initiative. The Board intends to make the first grants in 2012 via a special grant cycle where grant money will be awarded in late May.