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Maine Boys To Men Workshops

posted Feb 1, 2018, 2:12 PM by Kelly Johnston
Partnering for Solutions - Adult Workshop (Level 1)

Maine Boys to Men offers a unique day-long Adult Workshop that creates an opportunity for participants to explore the complex connections between the emotional well-being of boys and men, the many benefits of gender equality, and the importance of working together as allies to reduce male violence against women and girls.

Participants who register below will move through a series of engaging and interactive activities that increase awareness, understanding, and gain a new perspective on the critically important topic of masculinity and gender stereotypes. The workshop includes concrete skill building that leaves participants able to communicate and connect with others to interrupt sexist attitudes and behaviors before they become harmful or violent.

Please click below for information and registration:

  -  February 9th (Portland): HERE

  -  March 16th (Portland): HERE

  -  May 18th (Portland): HERE

Comments shared by previous attendees:  

"Fundamentally changed as a result of this training."

"I now know what to do when I see something happening around me that I do not feel good about."

"I now have a greater understanding of why male violence is so prevalent and what we all can do to shift the cultural norms that create it."