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New School Start Time FAQs

posted Dec 22, 2017, 6:39 AM by School Webmaster
Dear Scarborough Community Members,

In the attached document (linked below) you will a find a compilation of questions being asked among our community members via social media, emails, and otherwise. I have refrained from answering individual questions on social media, however, I am always willing to speak directly either via phone or in person with anyone from our community, parents/guardians, students, and staff included.

Like you, I am well aware of the enormity and complexity of implementing our new start time schedule. With that being said, I am also committed to doing everything I can to support all stakeholders during this transition. This is why I advocated so hard to have an additional year of planning prior to implementation. The delayed implementation was not to provide a window of opportunity for us to change the School Board’s decision; the extra time was granted so that families and staff members could prepare and plan and so the School Department could engage in a thorough year of planning. We are currently right in the middle of this year of planning.
Although there are many challenges to implementing this new schedule, there are also many opportunities and possible solutions. I did not want to wait until every question was answered before I started communicating with you. Families and staff need time to plan. The first round of communications recently published were intended to ensure that we all have ample time to do just that, begin planning. Each possible solution offers benefits and challenges, we are being thoughtful in our exploration of each aspect of every decision that needs to be made during this year of planning. Like you, I would like to have the answer to every implementation question, if that were possible we would not have requested the additional year to prepare and plan. Please
know that as decisions are made, they will be communicated with families, students and staff. 

Every decision we make is based on one question, is this what is best for our students? The aim of this new schedule is to increase health, well-being, and opportunities for all of our students. If you have additional questions not addressed in this document, please submit them using this Google form. As decisions are made and more specific information is ready to be shared this document will be updated.

Julie R. Kukenberger
Superintendent of Schools
School Webmaster,
Dec 22, 2017, 6:39 AM