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posted Mar 14, 2020, 10:34 AM by Kelly Johnston   [ updated Mar 14, 2020, 10:35 AM ]
Given the growing concern about the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus across the state of Maine and throughout our nation, we have determined that the best course of action is to close our schools now.

We have come to the realization that closing our schools now and taking this time to “flatten the curve” would be the best course of action to ensure the ongoing safety of all of our students and staff.  Please know that this decision does not come lightly, and we completely understand that cancelling school may present many challenges for you.

On Friday, March 20, we will reassess and make decisions about ongoing closures or the ability to reopen, and we will communicate that information to you.  At this time, the decision to close schools is a local decision based on what we are feeling is in the best interest of our community. An update on how we plan to support the continuation of learning will be shared via a separate communication to you on Monday, March 16. 

Thank you for your understanding during this extremely challenging time.