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Superintendent Search Committee Named

posted Mar 1, 2019, 8:03 AM by Kelly Johnston   [ updated Mar 8, 2019, 4:39 AM ]
At last night's School Board meeting, a group of 17 was selected to participate on the superintendent search/interview team.  The group is composed of a high school student, school staff, school administrators, teachers and community members.  Two alternates were also chosen in the event a member is not able to take part in the mandatory workshops/interviews.  The committee members are:
  • Colleen Amann, Community Member
  • Greg Applestein, High School Administrator
  • Sarah Blaisdell, High School Teacher
  • Monique Culbertson, Central Office Administrator
  • Kim Foss, Primary Teacher
  • Alicia Giftos, School Board
  • Kerry Goulder, Community Member
  • Cara Laflamme, Middle School Teacher
  • Ann Laliberte, Wentworth Staff
  • Alison Marchese, Central Office Administrator
  • Kelly Mullen-Martin, K-2 Administrator
  • Diane Nadeau, Middle School Administrator
  • Amy Roberson, Middle School Staff
  • William Rowan, Community Member
  • Kate Shaw, Community Member
  • William York, High School Staff
  • Wyatt Zsiga, High School Student
  • Liam Somers, 1st Alternate
  • Cindy Kueck, 2nd Alternate