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Order School Breakfast & Lunch

Order School Breakfast & Lunch

Ordering Meals for the 2022-2023 School Year

As a general reminder, all breakfast and lunch meals for all students in Scarborough Schools are free for this school year 2022-2023. For breakfast meals in all of our schools, you can order online on the same day before 6:30 AM, while for lunch meals, you can order online on the same day before 7:30 AM. You can order meals for the day, or set up a weekly or monthly plan for meals to be provided to your children. The menus for all meals for a new month will be posted on the Nutrislice app and Scarborough Schools' Nutrislice website the last Monday at the end of the previous month. If you have not yet made an account with Nutrislice and would like additional information, please visit our Nutrition Program and Menus pages. 

Order School Lunch

School Breakfast and Lunch may also be ordered by using the 'Quicklinks' dropdown menu located in the upper-right corner of all Scarborough Public Schools websites.