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5210 Let's Go!

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Let's Go! is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program designed to increase healthy eating and active living in children from birth to 18. Let's Go! works in six sectors (schools, early childhood, after school, healthcare, workplace and community) to reach children and families where they live, study, work, and play. Let's Go! is centered on the common message of "5210". 5210 Goes to School is a program of the Let’s Go! school sector. 

Through use of the 5210 strategies listed below, schools can address the policies, practices, and environments that influence healthy lifestyle behaviors. In addition to a toolkit, this program provides guidance and assistance to support the school in the adoption of the following ten strategies.

  1. Provide healthy choices for snacks and celebrations; limit unhealthy choices.
  2. Participate in local, state, and national initiatives that promote healthy eating and active living.
  3. Engage community partners to help support and promote healthy eating and active living at your site.
  4. Partner with and educate families in adopting and maintaining a lifestyle that supports healthy eating and active living.
  5. Provide water and low fat milk; limit or eliminate sugary beverages.
  6. Provide non-food rewards.
  7. Provide opportunities for children to get physical activity every day.
  8. Implement a staff wellness program that includes healthy eating and active living.
  9. Collaborate with Food and Nutrition Programs to offer healthy food and beverage options.
  10. Limit recreational screen time.

For more information, visit the Let’s Go! Website.