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Student Registration

Welcome to Scarborough Public Schools! 

New Student Enrollment Process

Student enrollment is now available to complete online. To register your student in the Scarborough School District please use the following steps to begin the online enrollment process.

Steps to Complete Student Enrollment
Step 1. Parent/guardian will complete the New Student Enrollment Form (see Online Enrollment Instructions for more information).
Step 2. A school staff member will process the form, triggering an email to the parent/guardian containing further instructions AND their student's PowerSchool access info.
Step 3. Parent/guardian will EITHER Create a New PowerSchool Parent Account OR Add the Student to an Existing PowerSchool Parent Account using the access info contained in the email.
Step 4.

Parents will login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal to complete the remaining forms:

  • E-01. Student Demographics
  • E-02. Student Contacts & Notification Settings
  • E-03. Medical and Health Information
  • E-04. Immunizations
  • E-05. Home Language Survey
  • E-06. Transportation Request Form
  • E-07. Maine Military Family Indicator
  • E-08. Maine Migrant Education Program School Survey
  • 03. Student Permissions
  • 05. Chromebook Care, Use & Responsibility Guide
  • 06. Handbook Acknowledgement for Parents/Guardians
Step 5.

Step 5 - Parent/guardian will provide the school with any additional paper documents needed to complete the enrollment process. These include:

Please note that student immunization records and birth certificate are required for registration at all levels.

Kindergarten : 2023 – 2024 Registration Now Open

We are eager to welcome our newest students to Scarborough Public Schools for Kindergarten in Fall, 2023. 

  • Kindergarten is open to any student who turns 5 on or before Oct. 15, 2023.
  • If your child meets these criteria, and you are sending them to school in the fall, please complete the form linked here: REGISTRATION FORM 
  • If your child meets the age requirement, but you are on the fence about sending them due to their age or developmental level, please complete the REGISTRATION FORM anyway.  This will help us plan for all potential students.
  • Appointments will be scheduled later this spring in each of our schools to review paperwork, including notarization of residency. 
  • If your child has specific health concerns, you can call or set up an appointment with one of our school nurses at any time.
Blue Point School Eight Corners School Pleasant Hill School

Kelly Mullen-Martin |Principal
Hallie Thomas | Administrative Assistant |207-730-5300
School Website

Anne Lovejoy | Principal
Maureen Kirsch | Administrative Assistant |207-730-5200
School Website

Jennifer Humphrey | Principal
Laurie Olore | Administrative Assistant | 207-730-5250
School Website

Grades 3 - 12 : 2022- 2023

For questions regarding registration at our intermediate school, middle school or high school, please see their contact information below:

Wentworth Intermediate School
(Grades 3-5)

Scarborough Middle School
(Grades 6-8)

Scarborough High School
(Grades 9-12)
Kelli Crosby| Principal
LyndaLee Landry| Guidance Secretary | (207) 730-4600
School Website
Kathy Tirrell | Principal
Victoria Lemelin| Guidance Secretary | (207) 730-4800
School Website
Nathan Theriault| Principal
Vicki Sutyak| Guidance Secretary | (207) 730-5000
School Website